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Construction and Our Network Local Content Pledge


JFWW Network Investments Limited is deeply committed to impactful, long-lasting community development. Over the next decade, we have outlined an ambitious development plan involving a minimum investment of 10 billion Guyanese dollars. This massive financial commitment is not just about numbers; it's about creating thousands of opportunities for local stakeholders and employees to rise with us, benefitting from a booming economy.

Investing in the Future



One of our core pledges is to support local manufacturing and product sourcing companies in the procurement process. By doing this, we not only bolster the local economy but also ensure that we're using materials that meet the highest standards of quality and sustainability. It’s a win-win situation; we get the best resources for our projects, and local businesses get the support they need to grow and thrive.

Supporting Local Industries



Our vision goes beyond traditional construction; we aim to establish a circular economy within each development. This approach enables us to enhance construction standards while employing cost-effective measures. By minimizing waste and optimizing resource utilization, we can build community infrastructures that are not only enduring but also environmentally responsible.

Fostering a Circular Economy



In addition to our extensive construction activities, we offer machine rentals and contracting services for external clients. Whether you are in need of heavy machinery for your project or are looking for reliable contracting services, we have the resources and expertise to meet your needs, thus contributing further to local economies.

Machine Rentals and Contracting Services



We vow to continue this focus on local content, ensuring that our investments contribute to building robust local economies. Our goal is to create an environment where everyone—from the local laborer to the global investor—benefits.

Our Pledge to You


Anthony Snow

Co-President & Partner

When you entrust your project to JFWW Network Investments Limited, you're choosing a partner that brings a blend of experience, expertise, and community spirit to the table. With our Construction Management Services, rest assured, you're building on a foundation that stands the test of time.

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